Tyler and Jillian's wedding day began...

as an early summer mist fell around their classic estate venue, The Hudson Manor, in Louisburg, North Carolina. When planning a May wedding one can never really prepare for the weather, but with multiple indoor and outdoor ceremony locations, the Hudson is a perfect place to celebrate!

I took a stroll around the venue as I waited for the wedding party to arrive. The flora was lush after a rainy spring, and blossoms were beginning to open on the huge magnolia outside the Chapel, releasing their sweet champagne scent… the smell of a southern summer. Tyler and Jillian had only their closest family members with them as they began their life as husband and wife, and they made sure to include their families in each detail, even placing custom name cards with photos on the ceremony chairs inside the Chapel.

Jillian, her mother, and her sister came quickly into the bridal suite to touch up their hair and makeup before getting Jillian into her dress. Jillian proudly showed me the intricate details that made her day so special… her dainty blue shoes adorned with pearls and ribbon, a delicate pearl tiara, and long pearl earrings. Her flowers, arranged by her mother, were showstopping! The blue hydrangeas, pink ranunculus, and white roses were arranged so perfectly, I couldn’t believe her mother wasn’t a professional florist!

While the girls finished getting ready, I joined Tyler in the groom’s suite across the hall. He was sitting quietly with his mother and father, but the room was buzzing with anticipation. His father helped him put on his jacket, and mother pinned on his boutonniere. Then we realized he had forgotten his vest, which gave his dad a good laugh! Tyler lit up when he opened the surprise gift Jillian had made for him – cuff links engraved with portraits of their two cats.

After Jillian finished getting into her dress, Tyler and his family left for the Chapel. We had just enough time for a few quick portraits in front of the Manor. With her elegant Cinderella blue shoes peeking out from beneath her gown, Jillian was the embodiment of elegance and poise. Her full ball gown was reminiscent of Jackie O's iconic style, and her custom sheer puff sleeves added a touch of whimsy and romance. Of course, Jillian wanted to show of her silly side with one last cute pose before making her way to the Chapel!

Tyler and Jillian’s intimate ceremony was filled with emotion from start to finish. I LOVED that they included a moment for their families to take photos with their phones before beginning! In addition to their traditional vows, the pair were handfasted with beautiful custom green and gold cords from Ceotha. Jillian’s sister wrapped the cords around their hands, symbolizing their two lives now being bound together as one, and then Tyler and Jillian stood back and tightened the cords into a knot. Then the Prudens sealed their vows with their first kiss as husband and wife!

A delicious vegan dinner and tearful toasts followed their intimate ceremony. It was wonderful to see both families laughing and celebrating the newlyweds, together as one at last! After the Prudens sampled their cake from a local vegan baker, Plant Cakes, the party moved outside for a sparkler send off. The sparkler exit was not only a celebration of the couple's union, but a reflection of the light they’ve brought to each other’s lives.

As the mist and rain continued to weave their own story around the couple, Tyler and Jillian embraced the day with open hearts and radiant smiles. The raindrops seemed to carry blessings from the skies, infusing the air with hazy magic that made every fleeting moment unforgettable. Jillian seemed to be walking on air and her lips held the most serene smile all day, as Tyler held her close as his eyes sparkled with joy.

I am so glad to have been invited to share in their intimate wedding day, and to have just a tiny part in their love story.

As the old saying goes, a wet knot is harder to untie!