Heirloom Portraits are a timeless tradition

Growing up in the South, I remember walking down the portrait lined hallways of my friends' homes. Baby photos, kindergarten, high school graduations - all of the big moments memorialized in print and proudly displayed! Sometimes I'd even see grandparents' baby pictures or traditional vignetted portraits from their childhood. Back then, families had no other choice but to print their photos. There were no computers, CDs, or USB drives to store photos on! I'm old enough to remember going to Sears to have Christmas photos taken with all my cousins... and there were a BUNCH of us! Having portraits made was a special occasion and you often only received ONE image.

What are heirloom portraits?

Heirloom Portraits are a classic style of photography intended to produce timeless pieces of art for permanent generational display. Simply put, traditional heirloom portraits are meant to be seen and passed down through families as they grow. As technology continues to evolve, traditional fine art frames and photo albums are lasting tangible reminders of our past - our legacy - that don't require an expensive piece of equipment to see.

what makes an heirloom portrait "timeless"?

Clothing and hairstyles play a big part in creating the look of a classic heirloom portrait! For boys, the attire could include a crisp white button-up shirt paired with suspenders, and khaki or linen shorts or trousers. A straw hat or a bow tie might add a touch of Southern charm! For girls, a timeless, smocked dress in a delicate floral print or soft pastel color would evoke a sense of classic elegance. Of course, adding a ribbon or bow in a little girl's hair is essential! Shoes are optional, but loafers for boys and Mary-Janes with lace-trimmed socks are always a good choice for girls.

My goal when creating heirloom portraits for families is to capture the essence of their little person! I use soft, natural lighting to accentuate the child's delicate features, and do my best to coax them into showing off a bit of their personality.

Why schedule an heirloom portrait session?

I've watched three of my own little babies grow into mischief-loving, silly, and sweet children. Every day they get bigger, smarter... smart-mouthier. I love being able to look back through photos from their toddler years and see their chubby cheeks and toothless grins. Those photos are such a treasure!

An heirloom portrait captures your child at a specific moment in time, preserving their innocence, personality, and unique characteristics for generations to come. The photos become treasured family heirlooms, passed down from one generation to the next, connecting your child to their family's history and legacy. These portraits are more than beautiful decoration for your home. They evoke powerful emotions and memories, serving as a tangible reminder of the love and bond within your family. Scheduling portraits that coincide with significant milestones in your child's life, such as birthdays, graduations, or other special occasions, making them even more meaningful!


What does the booking fee include?

Your $325 session fee includes my $125 non-refundable creative fee and a $200 artwork credit.

What's the full process?

Step 1. Pre-session Consult - Before your session, we'll schedule a call to chat about what kind of artwork you would like to purchase for display in your home.

Step 2. Styling - You'll receive a guide on how best to style your child for their heirloom portrait, including classic outfits and hairstyles.

Step 3. The Session - Your child's session will last about ten minutes. I'll take the first few minutes to get to know your child a little, then we'll move to the fun part - the photographs!

Step 4. Proofing Gallery - A lightly edited watermarked gallery of your child's images will be delivered within two weeks of your session. We'll schedule a time to go through your favorites and choose which photos will be fully edited.

Step 5. Purchase Day - When your photos are complete, we'll schedule a time to customize your artwork. I'll place the order once you're satisfied with your selections!

Step 6. Delivery Day - This is the BEST part! Finally, you get to see and hold your precious child's heirloom portraits!

What age range is best for heirloom portraits?

If your little one can sit unassisted, they're old enough! Generally, ages 1 to 10 are the best fit for heirloom childhood portraits, but they can be scheduled for any age.

Do you include full body photos?

Yes! I'll photograph your child in a variety of poses from seated headshots to jumping. I want to see all of their personality!

How many images are included?

Unlike traditional mini sessions, Heirloom Minis do -not- include digital images without the purchase of artwork. Digital copies are meant to be backups in case your artwork is damaged or lost, so you will receive digital files for each image purchased as artwork. However, clients who spend $500+ on artwork will receive their full digital gallery!

How often do you offer Heirloom Portraits?

Heirloom Portraits are only ever offered as a mini session once or twice a year.

What types of artwork do you offer?

Custom framed prints, fine art albums, matted albums, and loose prints. I also create profile silhouettes upon request!

Do I need to book multiple spots if I have more than one child?

Not necessarily! One 10 minute timeslot is enough time for two children. If you have three or more children I do recommend reserving an additional timeslot.

Siblings will be photographed together, of course

I'm worried my child won't cooperate.

Trust me, I have moody babies too! As soon as your child walks in, I will do my best to match his or her energy. I promise we will get plenty of usable images that show of your child's best self.

Can my child bring their favorite toy?

Absolutely! I'm happy to get a few photos of your child with his or her favorite cuddly pal!