Hi, baby!

Whether bringing a baby home for the first or fifth time, it's a milestone worth celebrating! But after going through the rush of delivering your baby, the last thing you want to do is pack up the diaper bag and drive to a studio for an hour or more of portraits. Is a newborn photoshoot worth it? Absolutely! And an in-home newborn lifestyle session is the perfect way to hold on to the best feelings of this special time in your life, without having to leave the house.

As your family photographer, my goal is to keep you and your baby comfortable during your earliest days together while capturing moments that you'll cherish for a lifetime. A newborn lifestyle session in your home is the best way for me to do that. There are no bulky props or harsh lights. Baby gets to be around all of the smells and sounds that are familiar to her, and you get to rest knowing that you have everything you need (including SNACKS)! In-home newborn lifestyle sessions are especially well suited for families with multiple children. While I take care of photographing your new baby, older siblings can do their own thing in their own comfortable space!

When to schedule

In-home newborn lifestyle sessions typically take place within the first two weeks after baby's birth. At two weeks, your baby will already be heading into a growth spurt! It is important to schedule your session as soon after birth as you are comfortable to preserve all of the tiniest details of your new baby!

The baby

Scheduling an in-home newborn lifestyle session means we work on baby's time. Most newborns need to feed every hour, especially if they're breastfed. Of course after baby eats, baby is going to need a diaper change. Baby probably isn't going to like having his diaper changed, so then it's back to nursing or being comforted in another way. The entire eat-change-sleep cycle can sometimes take an hour, and in a studio that can mean your whole session is over before it begins! For this reason, I always plan to spend two to three hours with your family.

Your home

Please do NOT feel like your home has to be spotless. Leave the dishes in the sink and crumbs on the floor! We'll spend most of our time in baby's nursery, the master bedroom, and the family or living room. If I feel like there are some minor distractions, I may move some things around, but my goal is to show you and your family in your home as it is in the moment!


Siblings are the wildcard. Toddlers and younger children will definitely be experiencing some big feelings with a new baby and a new face (mine!) in their home! Please know that I have no expectations of older siblings and will do whatever I can to help them feel comfortable around me. It is totally okay if they need to tap out and play on their own for a little while! That said, it may be helpful to have a close family member or friend over that day to distract siblings while I photograph mom and dad with the new baby!

family & pets

I encourage you to invite grandparents to join you for your session, especially for a generational photo! Think of how special those photos will be when your child is graduating from high school! Pets are a no-brainer... I LOVE including them!


This is probably the part of your session you'll stress over the most! Overall, wear what you're comfortable in, whether it's a pretty dress or leggings and cozy sweater. You want to look like yourself! I recommend neutrals such as blush, tan, light pink, faint blue, sage or olive green, cream, gray and white. Muted shades of bolder colors also work well - burgundy instead of bright red, navy instead of royal blue, rust instead of orange, etc! These colors photograph softer which keeps the focus on your FAMILY and not your clothing! The goal is COORDINATING outfits instead of MATCHING. I also recommend avoiding everyone wearing white as a top, as white doesn’t allow for any contrast in your images. If wearing jeans, stick to light wash!

I keep a small stash of neutral wraps for swaddling baby, but please don't hesitate to pull out special outfits! I love when families include personalized clothing or family heirlooms.


This is such a special time in your life. Enjoy it! The first few minutes will be awkward, and that's okay. I promise to guide you into poses that feel comfortable and natural to create images that feel authentic to YOU!